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IMCS 2016 - The 16th International Meeting
on Chemical Sensors July 10 (Sun) ~ 13(Wed), 2016 / Ramada Plaza Jeju, Jeju Island, Korea

About Venue

Ramada Plaza JeJu Go to Homepage

Ramada Plaza JeJu Photo

Modeled after a deluxe cruise ship in Northern Europe, this floating hotel is located within five minutes’ ride from both Jeju Harbor and Jeju International Airport. Visitors from home and abroad can experietnce the essence of Jeju Culture enjoying the nearby spectacles of Chilsung-Ro streets, Tap-dong outdoor performance hall, Sanjicheon, Yongduam and Yongyeon Bridge especially during night time.

  • Address : 690-032, Ramda Plaza Jeju, 66 Topdong ro, Jeju, Korea
  • Tel : +82-64-729-8100

Room Function
Ramada Ballroom 1 ~ 4 Gala Dinner
Ramada Ballroom 1 Reception
Opening Ceremony
Plenary Session
Oral Presentation
Ramada Ballroom 2 Special Session
Ramada Ballroom 3 Oral Presentation
Ramada Ballroom 4 Oral Presentation
Mara Oral Presentation
Udo Oral Presentation
Biyang Preview Room
Chuja Secretariat Office
Ramada Ballroom Foyer Registration Desk
Poster Session
Exhibition Area
Coffee Break

The Jeju International Airport has a total of 29 direct routes (13 domestic and16 international).

Domestic routes link Jeju and elsewhere in the nation- Incheon, Gimpo, Gimhae, Chongju, Wonju, Daegu, Gunsan, Gwangju, Ulsan, Pohang, Sacheon, Yeosu and Muan. International routes connect Jeju and cities of three countries-Japan, China and Taiwan. The cities are Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka in Japan and Beijing, Shanghai, Dalian, Changchun, Shenyang, Harbin, Xian, Lanzhou, Yanji and Hangzhou in China as well as Taiwanese cities of Taipei and Kaohsiung.

More about Jeju International Airport

Special Entry Arrangement for the Jeju Island (Korean Entry Visa)

Jeju Island is a special self-governing province and visitors from 180 countries are allowed to enter the island without a visa. Visitors from these 180 countries are permitted to enter Jeju Island and stay up to 30 days without Korean Visa according to “Special Law of Jeju Liberal City” with exception of designated 11 countries listed below.

Terms for Visa-free Entry to Jeju Island
  • - Length of stay does not exceed 30 days.
  • - Those eligible must take direct routes to Jeju Island, or with Jeju Island listed as their final destination.

Visitors from any of these 11 countries are not permitted to enter without a visa;

Ghana, Nigeria, Libya, Macedonia, Sudan, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Palestine.

Chinese Visitors
Chinese citizens holding passport issued by the People’s Republic of China, are entitled to visa-free entry to Jeju Island.
This entitlement is valid if:
  • - Tourist holds a passport issued by the People’s Republic of China.
  • - Tourist must join a Chinese group tourist program hosted by Korean or Chinese travel agents recognized by the Korea - China memorandum.
  • - Tourist arriving at the Incheon International Airport must depart from Korea through the Incheon International Airport, Gimpo International Airport or Jeju International Airport.
  • - Period of stay is no longer than 15 days.
  • - It is best to consult your local consular office for the latest information with regard to visiting Korea.

More about Visa-free Entry of Foreigners

From Jeju International Airport and Jeju Port, you will reach the Ramada Plaza JeJu (Venue) in approximately 10 minutes by car.

From Jeju International Airport

From Jeju International Airport to Venue

By Taxi

Taxi stand at the front of passenger terminal is divided into two of long-distance and short-distance.

Map Jeju International Airport

  • Route : Toward Yongmoon Rotary -> Hancheon Bridge -> Seomoon Market -> Turn left at the Market intersection -> Go Straight toward Tapdong-Ro
  • Distance : 3.8km ( Taxi Fare: KRW 3,500 ~ 4,000 / About 10 minutes’ ride)
By Rent a Car

As there is counter of car Rental Company in front of arrival waiting room in domestic terminal of Jeju Airport, you can rent, take over and return directly at the airport.

From Jeju Port

Jeju Port has 6 direct sailing routes employing 12 ships weighing 600~5,600 tons. The ships are operated 6 times a week between Jeju and major ports in regions such as Busan and Incheon with a capacity of carrying 2,401,000 passengers a year. 6% of the total travelers are coming in and out of Jeju by sea.

From Jeju Port to Venue

  • Route : Turn left at Imhang—Ro ⇒ Drive toward Yongdooam / Tapdong
  • Distance : 2.2km (Taxi Fare: KRW 2,500 ~ 3,000 / 6 minutes’ ride)

Free shuttle buses will be operated from the Jeju International Airport to the Venue (Ramada Plaza Jeju). Please check the shuttle schedule as below. If your schedule does not fit with the shuttle, please take a taxi to get the Ramada Plaza Jeju. It takes about 10 minutes (3.8km / fare about KRW 4,000) by driving.

Date Departing Time Location of Bus Stop
July 10 (Sun) 12:00 / 13:00 / 14:00 / 15:00 / 16:00 / 17:00
18:00 / 19:00 / 20:00 / 21:00 (9 times)
Parking Lot No. B1
Jeju Int’l Airport
July 11 (Mon) 08:00 / 09:00 (2 times)
Shuttle Signage (find a bus with the below signage)

IMCS 2016
Secretariat: The Plan Co. (T. +82-2-538-2042~3, F. +82-2-538-1540)
사단법인 한국센서학회 (The Korean Sensors Society)
대표자명: 박종욱
사업자등록번호: 504-82-05992
D-1207, Yongsan-Park-Xi, 50-1 Hanganro 1-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 140-752, Korea
T. +82-2-2071-6616∙ F. +82-2-2071-6617 ∙ E.
  • Hosted by The Korean Sensors Society
  • Organized by Committee of IMCS 2016