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IMCS 2016 - The 16th International Meeting
on Chemical Sensors July 10 (Sun) ~ 13(Wed), 2016 / Ramada Plaza Jeju, Jeju Island, Korea

Presentation Guidelines

How to Prepare Poster Session

Poster Size: 90cm x 120cm (Width x Height)
Display Location: Ramada Ballroom Foyer (2F), Ramada Plaza Jeju
Schedule :
Category Session Time Mounting Display Demounting
Poster Session 1
July 11 (Mon)
17:30-18:50 09:00-12:00 12:00-18:50 18:50-19:30
Poster Session 2
July 12 (Tue)
17:30-18:50 09:00-12:00 12:00-18:50 18:50-19:30

Poster Session Layout

Poster Board Simulation

Detailed Information for the preparation

There is no place to print-out your poster at the meeting venue, please print it yourself and display at the assigned board.

Please prepare your poster to fit the dimensions specified. It is recommended that poster to be prepared on one sheet.

The text, illustrations, etc. should be bold enough to be read from a distance of two meters.

Materials for mounting will be prepared at the reception desk near the poster session area. However, it is encouraged to bring your own suppliers in case that they could be run out and not be sufficiently available for all of presenters.

DO NOT write or paint on the poster boards. Do NOT use nails, push pins, screws or any tools that will puncture the poster boards.

Please demount your poster at the end of assigned your session. Any remaining posters left behind at the end of the day will be taken down and it will be stored at the registration desk by July 12, 2016. After the farewell session on July 13, all remained posters will be discarded.

IMCS 2016
Secretariat: The Plan Co. (T. +82-2-538-2042~3, F. +82-2-538-1540)
사단법인 한국센서학회 (The Korean Sensors Society)
대표자명: 박종욱
사업자등록번호: 504-82-05992
D-1207, Yongsan-Park-Xi, 50-1 Hanganro 1-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, 140-752, Korea
T. +82-2-2071-6616∙ F. +82-2-2071-6617 ∙ E.
  • Hosted by The Korean Sensors Society
  • Organized by Committee of IMCS 2016